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Hangman Products – About Us

Hangman Products is an innovator in hardware solutions for everyday needs. Our unique vision to create practical, user-friendly products that surpass the industry’s highest safety standards has earned us contracts with the world’s most trusted manufactures and retailers of household products, as well as a loyal following among homeowners.

Our ever-expanding line of products can handle even your most creative home, garage, retail, or office challenge. The Hangman System, Frame/Canvas Hanger, Aluminum Frame Hanger, Wall-Dog Wire Hanger, Picture Straightener or Hangnail lines offer easy-to-use mounting tools for mirrors, shelves, cabinets and furniture, either flush or wall mounted. The patented Hangman System means you hang it level every time, and our carefully engineered products guarantee a safe and sturdy installation. Our brand new, Double-Headed Bear Claw is the single best way to hang wired art.

Hangman Products also offer’s a line of security and strengthening products, including Shelf Stiffeners, Security Locks for artwork and our Anti-Tip Kit.

Our Slat Wall system can be used in a gallery, garage, or for store merchandising. It can also be used in home or office to present art, organize shelving or tools. Our Clip-it Strips, Self locking Peg Hooks, Panel Hangers and Art Hangers are all part of our Slat Wall system and will work with most generic slat wall systems. Hangman Products unique Tool Caddy organizes your tools for easy access within a compact space.

Our special line of extruded aluminum garage and closet components, both strengthen and stylize even the simplest cabinetry. Hangman Products specialized Door and Drawer Pulls in the Arts & Crafts style add simple and sturdy elegance to any piece.

Hangman Fasteners are state-of-the-art including Wall-Dogs, our brand new, self-drilling, Single-Headed Bear Claw and the Double-Headed Bear Claw.

Hangman makes it all look easy.


About hangmanproducts
Owner of Hangman Products

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